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What is Proximity Marketing?  

Proximity Marketing, also known as location marketing is akin to geocaching.  What is geocaching you say?  Geocaching is the way all of the major brands are able to target you by your location!  You know how you thought it was weird how you went to a certain store or restaurant and then minutes later you saw an ad for that same business!?  That is geocaching, or location marketing.

Once a person enters in to the area that you pinpoint or specify when you create your ad, they will then likely see your ad!  Think of the possibilities!  You can now target specific addresses, based on your advertising needs! 

Some Examples of Proximity Targeting...

  • You are a REALTORĀ® farming a specific neighborhood.  Bye-Bye costly postcards that people just toss in the trash!
  • You are a shop in a mall and you want to alert people to your sale
  • You are a niche resort (RV Park for example) you may want to run your ad proximity so that people that go to a swanky resort across the country see your ad and come visit you next!
  • Your car dealership is running a special, so you drop your proximity pin on your competitor!
  • There is a festival or large event in town and your would like to garner some of that traffic to your business site.
  • Are your wheels turning yet? Are you thinking of all of the places you can target with my proximity marketing tools?  The possibilites are endless!

As a long time Digital Marketer, I was so excited to find Royaltie and to partner with their marketing dashboard and software.  The benefits and ease are abundant and a no-brainer!

  • Create ads in minutes
  • Ads are submitted and pushed out to 1000's of websites including all of the major social sites and Google ad network! 
  • Software includes unlimited easy to build Landing Pages with capture forms.
  • Software includes CRM system with the ability to add multiple profiles and businesses.
  • Partnered with search engine for additional lead opportunities
  • Ad analytics to see where clicks are derived from
  • Packages starting at $47! ($47 package gets you AT LEAST 5,000 monthly ad impressions.  Larger packages up to 50,000 impressions available).

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If you cannot seem to find the time to jump on the digital marketing train, don't have time, or just don't know where to start... OR if you are utilizing social and web advertising and know how timely setting up each individual ad is- I would love to hear from you.  Chances are my marketing solution can help! At packages starting at $47, how can you afford not to?

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Avoiding Digital Marketing due to lack of knowledge or lack of budget?

Don't let your competition leave you in the stone age.  Now you can also compete on the same level playing field! Now the small business owner can compete! Historically only big brands had the financial means to set up geofencing ads.  Not anymore, here is your easy DIY solution!

Already Have someone handling your Marketing?

That's okay! Your marketing professional will thank you! This marketing solution will allow them more time to complete other tasks! 

Easily Advertise to all Major Social Sites PLUS the Google Ad network (that is THOUSANDS of websites!) from 1 dashboard.

Typically when you want to advertise on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google etc, you have to set up an account with each of these sources.  Ad setup can be complicated.  Ad delivery analytics even more daunting!  But it doesn't have to be!  

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