Social Media Management

Social Media Management:

Are your social media pages a wasteland of crickets and tumbleweeds?  Who has time to maintain ALL of these social media outlets AND do a great job grooming client relationships, showing property, and performing required paperwork for real estate dealings?

With the multitude of marketing outlets and avenues of today, it’s not possible for one person to do it all. Or should I say, It’s not possible for one person to do it all WELL an CONSISTENTLY.  Good shareable and interesting content and consistency are key to a great social media presence.

Why is it important? LOOK around you! Everyone, everywhere is staring at their phone. Hypnotized. Likely scrolling.

If your competition is working their magic on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and the likes, those hypnotized humans are seeing the competition’s name on a regular basis.  They may not need a house now, or may not need to sell a condo now… but if they have seen your name day in and out for a year , who do you think will magically come to their mind when the time IS right? (Assuming their Sister’s Uncle’s Grandma isn’t an agent of course).

Here’s the Point.

You NEED a Social Media Presence to keep up!

Gulf Shores an Orange Beach Social Media Management